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e-Dealer Portal on Ontbytsake


Find out more about what the e-Dealer Portal has to offer for both Independent and Group Motor Dealers.

Introducing Click Cars


Our latest website features unique algorithms for advertising your stock to the right customer at the right time.

Load your stock today and find your vehicles listed on www.clickcars.co.za

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5 Reasons You Need CX Portal


Do you want to stay on top of your leads? Keep track of customers and sales? Know when and who has appointments with customers? And so much more?

Make everything easier for your dealership with the easy to use CX Portal. You can increase sales and conversion rates, save time and build better relationships with your customers.  Turn your leads into sales with ease.  Read the 5 reasons why you need the CX Portal.

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Lead Optimisation


Since the introduction of the lead pool last month, we have generated over 1000 general enquiry leads. As you know leads are vital when it comes to shifting car stock. With our lead pool, you will receive high quality leads, which convert into sales.
Subscribe to the CX Portal today and receive more leads!

CX Portal Information

Press Release - August


The e-Dealer Portal is packed with features that every dealership and group need. The e-Dealer Portal is a new, exciting automotive solution that is tailored to your unique processes. Take the hassle out of leads, managing sales staff, stock management, customer engagement and so much more. Everything you need to drive your dealership or group forward is all in one place. Want to learn more about this exciting new platform? Click the button below to find out everything e-Dealer Portal offers. Shift into the next gear and experience smooth, seamless integration.

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Introducing a website platform made for buying and selling South Africa's top Pre-Owned bakkies. A fantastic space for all bakkie lovers to buy and sell their cars.

When loading a bakkie on e-Dealer Portal, for advertising, your vehicle will automatically feed to Bakkie2Buy.

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July Lockdown


The month of July has been a hard one for the South African Automotive Industry given the tight lockdown restrictions.

E-Dealer Portal is aiming to ease the impact by offering FREE vehicle advertising for all dealers.

Major CX Portal Changes


E-Dealer Portal believes in innovation, that's why our team is working hard to bring you major improvement on our Customer Experience platform.

Keep an eye out for new feature updates within the CX Portal.

Vehicle image on a responsive website for easy car/vehicle stock management system

Vehicle Sellers - New Site Live


We added Vehicle Sellers to our portfolio of websites that your vehicles get advertised on. Targeting young professionals, we hope to generate top quality leads for your dealership

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