Complete Vehicle Information

No need to waste time filling in your vehicle details when we have tools that can gather the information for you. Upload using your Vehicle Registration Number, VIN, MM Code, Drop Down or Scan Your License Disc and we will populate all the accurate vehicle information for you.

Accurate Trade / Retail Values

Our systems use both local and international third-party systems to bring you precise Trade and Retail Values on your vehicle. Our calculation already takes into consideration multiple factors including vehicle condition and vehicle mileage.

quick recon calculation

Add up the total cost of your car's damages by entering an estimate amount that your car's interior and exterior recon costs will amount to and we will calculate your gross retail after recon as well as the potential profit.

Additional Information

When scanning a vehicle on our Book Value System we give you full access to additional information such as Intro / Discontinued Dates of Specific Models and MM Codes.

This ensures you always get the right value for the vehicle before making the call to purchase.