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The e-dealer portal is here to revolutionise how your brand does business. It's so much more than just another car buying platform. It's a vast network of registered dealerships and reputable service providers who all have access to our professional advertising and marketing services.

Our members can choose to advertise their vehicles on over 25 different user-friendly websites that all have their own unique monthly visitors. That's not all though. Members can also easily manage, valuate, auction and load new stock - all from one single portal. Our dedicated design team is ready to get your brand the best exposure by creating eye-catching social media posts, designing engaging email campaigns and building stunning websites.

We offer everything from market statistics to vehicle transport and everything in between, and we do it at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. If you're looking for honest, transparent and exceptional automotive solutions, take a look at our services page and let us exceed your expectations.

Build long lasting customer relationships

with our end to end CX Portal


stock management

Load your stock on our portal to be advertised on multiple vehicle platforms. Simplified tools that allows you to load vehicles within minutes, remove backgrounds or print out latest stock sheets.

vehicle advertising

With over 25 vehicle platforms, that focus on a content first (not price) strategy, we can ensure that we increase your stock turn and promote profitability.

valuations and checks

Manage and load all your vehicle checks (Valuations, HPI Checks etc.) on the portal to simplify your business processes.

online auction system

Fully featured online Wholesale / Auction Bidding System puts a buyer at your door at the right time during the selling process.

Other platforms.

cx portal

Our complete omni-channel customer management solution which features Appointment based scheduling and tracking, Automated Reminders, Sales Process Management and comprehensive reporting.


Find your ideal candidates using  our world class recruitment platform that features automated responses to successful and unsuccessful candidates.

  • Appointment based lead management
  • Automated Communication to customers
  • Marketing campaign management with E-Mail and SMS builder

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  • Leads generated feed to CX Portal
  • API Connections available to existing dealer systems.
  • Vehicles Loaded by Dealer Pushed to Affiliate Websites via API
  • Vehicles Loaded by Dealer Pushed to Dealer Website via API.
  • Load Stock For Advertising or Stock Control
  • Enquire Book Value Of Any Vehicle
  • HPI Checks with accurate Vehicle history
  • Full Vehicle Valuations

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