Bid On prime stock

Prime stock is loaded onto our system on a continuous bases and you will have first pick to place your bid. We provide you with all the information and details you need about the car including the Trade and Retail value as well as your bidding value.

trade your stock

Join our group of approved participating dealers and start sending your car to Wholesale. Set a reserved price on our vehicle, upload your vehicle information and watch as your stock gets bid on.

stay in the bid race

Why manually place a bid a every time when you can set a Auto bid. We offer a feature that lets you set your desired maximum bidding amount and our system will automatically place bids for you, in R1000 increments, until your AutoBid limit has been reached.

Regular updates and communications

Our Trade Stock / Wholesale Platform is transparent and includes automated communication to our Approved Dealers.

Safe & secure transactions

Unlimited Subscription Dealers qualify for only a 2% commission on successful sale and Free Trial Subscription Dealers qualify for a 4% commission on successful sale.

All Commission Payments run though our Safe and Secure Payment Gateway.

exclusive vehicle auctionS (coming soon)